Announcing C3: A Next Generation Self-Custodial Exchange

A self-custodial exchange built to transform the market structure of crypto and provide a secure, transparent, and trustless platform for trading.

Announcing C3: A Next Generation Self-Custodial Exchange

The cryptocurrency industry and its underlying blockchain technology emerged to bring a trustless and open financial system native to the internet; one that stemmed from the very failure of trusted intermediaries. However, the current state of the industry has strayed from these principles, with less than a handful of permissioned platforms operating and controlling most of crypto in a similar fashion to the traditional financial system they had set to disrupt. The recent events impacting the entire cryptocurrency industry serve to remind us all about the importance of the ethos of crypto and why we all came here in the first place. From the collapse of major exchanges to the insolvency of yield platforms, it is clear that the current market structure of cryptocurrency assets is far from where it needs to be to onboard billions of users, let alone replacing traditional financial markets.

In the wake of the market events of 2022, we're thrilled to announce C3 and open up the waitlist to access a platform trusted by institutional and retail traders alike. We built C3 to transform the market structure of the industry and provide a secure, transparent, and trustless platform for cryptocurrency trading.

C3: Separating Custody from the Trading
C3 is a next-generation self-custodial exchange built to bring the cryptocurrency industry closer to its original vision of an open and trustless financial system. With C3, users can trade cryptocurrencies on a world-class platform, knowing that they have full control over how they custody their funds without having to rely on the exchange to hold and secure them. C3’s unique self-custodial model ensures it is resistant to the types of insolvency risks that have recently plagued the industry without compromising the trading experience.

One of the key advantages of C3’s self-custodial design is the versatility it offers to users. Individuals can seamlessly trade from a wide range of non-custodial wallets covering multiple blockchains, while institutions can do so through their preferred custodian. This gives our users the freedom to choose the best solution for their needs, regardless of the nature of their trading. Additionally, C3 is designed to be accessible and performant, making it easy for institutions, experienced traders and newcomers alike to buy and sell cryptocurrencies.

C3: Trade without the trade-offs
Self-custodial models have long been seen as the future of the cryptocurrency industry, offering users a decentralized and trustless way to trade cryptocurrencies. However, previous attempts to realize this through decentralized exchanges have either been siloed to a single network, or compromised on user experience and performance therefore limiting their adoption.

C3 is changing all of that. C3 offers all of the functionality of traditional exchanges, including instant execution, high throughput, REST APIs, Websocket connectivity, advanced order types and support for all networks, without any of the trade-offs. This means that users can enjoy the benefits of a self-custodial exchange without sacrificing the performance and accessibility that they expect from traditional exchanges and robust trading platforms.

C3: A new era ahead
C3 is ushering in a new era for the crypto market, one that goes beyond just a self-custodial exchange. It's designed to transform the market structure of the cryptocurrency industry and provide a secure, transparent, and trustless marketplace by decoupling the role of custody from the trading venue itself.

With the aftermath of 2022 on the horizon, now is the time to build and evolve embracing the fundamental innovations of crypto. Join us on C3 as we pave the way towards a well functioning cryptocurrency market. To keep in touch, get announcements before everyone else, and participate in our community events, join our Twitter and Discord.