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Introducing A Hybrid Exchange Paradigm, a next-generation hybrid exchange, stands out in the crowded cryptocurrency space with its unique approach. It aims to realign the industry with its foundational vision of an open, trustless financial system. Its distinctiveness lies in its self-custodial nature, ensuring users maintain complete control over their funds, thereby mitigating risks associated with traditional custodial exchanges. This design philosophy not only addresses insolvency risks but also empowers users with unparalleled freedom and security in their trading activities.

The Testnet Journey: Paving the Way for Mainnet Success

The testnet, a crucial testing environment for, plays a vital role in refining the platform. It's where new features are implemented and rigorously tested with user involvement, providing essential feedback and identifying errors. This process is instrumental in ensuring a smooth transition to the mainnet, with user experience at the forefront.

Key enhancements in the recent updates include:

  • User Interface (UI) improvements, making the platform more intuitive and user-friendly.
  • User Experience (UX) enhancements, focusing on security and ease of use.
  • Significant advancements in the Order Book and Trading system, ensuring robust and efficient trading mechanisms.
  • Performance optimizations to enhance efficiency and reduce trading costs.

Security: A Cornerstone of

Security is paramount in the crypto exchange world, and has left no stone unturned in this regard. A rigorous security audit conducted by Halborn, a leading blockchain security firm, found no significant vulnerabilities, attesting to's commitment to protecting its users and their funds.

Get a deeper understanding of our multi-layered security components:

The Road Ahead: Mainnet is Live

As progresses, its focus remains steadfast on enhancing user experience, security, and technological prowess. The platform's ability to attract a substantial user base in its testnet phase is a clear indicator of its potential to revolutionize the future of trading in the crypto space.

C3 Points For Every Trade, Lend and Stake:

This rewards program is designed to incentivize and recognize early users of C3, providing them with a unique opportunity to earn rewards while using our platform. Every on-chain action is rewarded, and users can collect their points via the reward program page. – Your Gateway to the Future of Trading! Mainnet is live, try it now.

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