C3 Launches Mainnet For Developers and Market Makers

C3 Launches Mainnet For Developers and Market Makers
  • The new hybrid exchange opened its mainnet for developers, ahead of a public launch in early January
  • API Access is now open for all developers
  • Market makers were given early access for liquidity and smoothness of operations

In anticipation of its public mainnet launch in early January, the new hybrid exchange, backed by Two Sigma Venture, Jane Street, Hudson River Trading and others, has launched a mainnet for developers and liquidity makers.

"With the recent market awakening and growing centralization concerns across various sectors, a prime opportunity emerges for new entrants to create a more reliable, self-custodial trading platform, utilizing the core innovations of blockchain technology," said C3 co-founder Michel Dahdah in the press release. "It is clear that the current market structure of cryptocurrency markets is ripe for disruption and we are confident that C3 will be a key catalyst in driving the changes to onboard the next billion users to DeFi."

The developer mainnet, which allows users to access and trade in mainnet using C3’s APIs and SDKs, comes after the introduction of a testnet version in September. C3’s testnet saw 80K testers from all over the world. All API documentation is now available here. C3 provides developers with a stable and secure platform to integrate C3 and to deploy their trading strategies and liquidation bots. Offering better cross-chain margin trading, faster transaction speeds, and zero gas fees, programmatic traders can now enjoy the full benefits of C3 prior to its upcoming global release.

In addition to the developer mainnet, C3 also launched a bug bounty program. A $100K bounty is available under this bug bounty program aimed at making C3 more secure. Bugs can be submitted through the Immunefi platform. Rewards will be paid out based on the severity and impact of the bug. Read more about the C3 bug bounty program.

Market makers are given early access for liquidity purposes and stronger infrastructure setup with C3. 

What’s going to happen to testnet?

While developers are given early access to mainnet, testnet will remain open. Over 80K users from around the world are already using C3's testnet. Having carefully considered the options, we decided to keep the testnet open to the general public. However, we have 'restarted' the testnet, meaning testnet balances have been reset. There will be no changes to access or functions other than that.

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