Pyth Awards a Token Grant to Advance Integration and Trading Precision

Pyth Awards a Token Grant to Advance Integration and Trading Precision is a next-generation self-custodial crypto exchange, offering a secure, transparent, and trustless trading environment. It's designed to empower users with direct control over their assets, ensuring safety against insolvency risks and providing a high-performance trading experience. This innovative platform supports a wide range of users by allowing them to connect their wallets directly, enabling immediate and efficient trading without the need for intermediaries.

C3 and Pyth integrates Pyth price feeds to bring high-fidelity, real-time market data into its trading platform, ensuring that users have access to the most accurate and timely price information available. By leveraging Pyth Network's decentralized and high-frequency data updates, enhances the reliability and efficiency of its trading operations. This integration allows to maintain a competitive edge in the fast-paced crypto market, where access to timely and precise market data is crucial for making informed trading decisions and ensuring the best possible outcomes for its users. Notably, during its testnet phase, impressively processed 4.8 million testnet transactions, all of which utilized the Pyth price feeds, demonstrating the robust integration and reliability of Pyth's real-time market data in a live trading context.

C3 Receives $PYTH, Part of the Pyth Network Retrospective Airdrop is delighted to be among the recipients of the PYTH Tokens through the Pyth Network Retrospective Airdrop program, an initiative recognizing over 90,000 participants across multiple blockchains. This acknowledgment highlights's active involvement and substantial contributions within the Pyth ecosystem, marking a significant stride in its commitment to advancing the DeFi landscape through the strategic use of Pyth's precise and timely market data.

Leveraging the allocation to dApps as part of the $PYTH Retrospective Airdrop, is planning to catalyze its platform's growth and user experience. The focus areas include:

Deeper Integration with Pyth Network: Streamlining data handling to capitalize on Pyth's precise market insights for enhanced trading accuracy across all supported blockchains in C3.

Yield Optimization: Implementing nuanced strategies to augment yields for Pythians within the Pyth and Solana ecosystems, aligning profitability with data-driven decisions.

Infrastructure and Community Development: Committing to robust infrastructure upgrades and fostering a vibrant community, setting the stage for sustainable growth and user empowerment in the DeFi landscape.

In a move to redefine trading precision, has chosen to harness the power of Pyth Data. This collaboration is a natural fit, pairing's commitment to an enhanced trading ecosystem with Pyth's unparalleled, real-time market insights. It's a partnership that promises to elevate decision-making, offering's users a trading experience that's not just faster, but smarter and more intuitive, leveraging the reliability and depth of Pyth's data landscape.

C3’s Health Calculator

Pyth's on-chain price feed integration significantly enhances's Health Calculator, a key component of its smart contract platform. The Health Calculator stands as an on-chain risk assessment engine, meticulously analyzing the financial health of accounts by valuing assets based on real-time market data provided by Pyth. This seamless collaboration ensures that every aspect of C3's operations, from trade settlements to liquidations, is anchored in accurate and up-to-the-minute market valuations. By drawing on Pyth's robust and reliable data, C3 enhances the precision of its Health Calculator, reinforcing the platform's commitment to offering a secure, transparent, and trustless trading environment. This strategic use of Pyth's data not only fortifies the integrity of C3's operations but also exemplifies how the convergence of advanced smart contract technology and high-fidelity market data can drive innovation in the DeFi space.

Elevate your trading experience by trading on, integrated with Pyth's precise market data. Explore the robust features, enjoy enhanced trading accuracy, and join the forefront of DeFi innovation. Visit and start trading without the tradeoffs.

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