Testnet V3 - Update

Testnet V3 - Update

We've just rolled out a third update to's Testnet. 

Testnet is simply a testing environment that we use to implement new features and test them with users. This helps us get crucial feedback and solve errors. We expect operational problems will appear from time to time on our Testnet!

We're committed to resolving every issue found during this test phase to guarantee a seamless Mainnet experience. And most of all, we appreciate all of you helping us out with your reports!

A total of 126 fixes and updates were delivered to the testnet. The major fixes fall into the following categories:

User Interface (UI) Improvements:

  • Fix error buy orders not being rendered
  • Avoid errors in input text in the UI
  • UI Fixes across the deposit side for certain devices
  • Improve Header UI style
  • Improve error messages in the UI

User Experience (UX) Enhancements:

  • Dispenser pop up before making a deposit
  • Add deposit FAQ question
  • Show a message when there is not enough funds in the wallet
  • Confirm modal only for ETHdeposits
  • Popover menu in header must be activated on hover not on click
  • Slider when margin turned off reset the input values
  • Show resulting health before the withdrawal
  • Improve Web session security by handling session data in cookies managed only by the browser
  • Improved Web session security by handling session data in cookies managed only by the browser
  • Improved Auth0 management in the UI
  • Improved security by:
    • Improve session token expiration management
    • Avoid unsafe characters on API parameters

Order Book and Trading:

  • Fix issues in Order book filter to avoid showing orders out of boundaries
  • Always allow market orders with margin and trigger automatic cancel if running out of liquidity on limits
  • Change Maintenance threshold to be lower than initial, so we free enough liquidity to open new orders
  • Runmaintenance checksby pool instead of running it for all assets while attempting to cancel orders while running out of liquidity
  • Simulate Market Orders as limit with slippage if the user is unhealthy
  • Improve Matching Engine for Buy Market orders to handle properly the slippage
  • Improve MBR handling to avoid exponential funding
  • Improve C3 Relayer wait time

Performance and Optimization:

  • Improved on-chain costs
  • Improved on-chain overall costs to reduce them
  • Improved C3 Relayer performance under heavy load
  • Several improvements on C3 Relayer
  • Improved bots
  • Improved contracts update process
  • Liquidity pool management and limits enhancements
  • Improved off-chain operation metrics
  • Improve deposits notifications on the UI
  • Improve windows management in the UI
  • Improved build dependencies
  • Improve balances transfers on-chain costs
  • Improve security on C3 Relayer configuration
  • Reduce system MBR costs by removing expired orders from on-chain layer
  • Improve MBR system funding to make it more predictable
  • Test fixing
  • Improved log errors

Financial and Trading Features:

  • Report APY % correctly
  • Inform the user when there are not enough funds on C3 to lend to margin traders
  • Add Hotjar prod
  • Add Algorand on-chain Group Id to each trade to improve traceability, transparency, and troubleshooting
  • Fixed Lend Apr in balances
  • Improved redeem modal dialog
  • Improved total balance USD calculation in Balances section
  • Improve liquidity management in the Matching Engine promised loans by deliver it to potential trades near the top of the orderbook

System and Configuration:

  • Improved build dependencies
  • Use newer Relayer Engine version in C3 Relayer
  • Improve C3 signatures by adding a prefix to ensure they are unique
  • Improved Signature validator management in the Administrativa Application
  • Fixed OSX timezones issue
  • Improve security on C3 Relayer configuration
  • Fixed minor error on order placement in the orderbook UI
  • Added site thumbnail
  • Fixed withdraw information messages
  • Improve deposits notifications on the UI
  • Update Wallet manager component
  • Added borrow extra nominal check to pool movements on-chain
  • Improved on-chain operation metrics
  • Improve on-chain cost execution

Efficiency Upgrade

We're always looking for ways to improve efficiency and reduce trading costs. That's why we upgraded our price oracles: with the previous Pyth version, we needed 10 transactions costing 0.05 ALGOs each time we checked account health during settlement. Now, thanks to the new Pyth version, we accomplish the same with just 2 transactions, costing a total of 0.018 ALGOs!

In conclusion, the recent rollout of the third update to's Testnet marks a significant step forward in enhancing the platform's performance, security, and user experience. Thank you for being part of this journey with us!

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