Careers Announces a 50-million-Point Monthly Giveaway, Starting April 2nd Announces a 50-million-Point Monthly Giveaway, Starting April 2nd

Big news! Starting April 2nd, we’re dropping a massive giveaway: 50,000,000 C3 points each month!

We're thrilled to announce an evolution in our massive C3 Points program, starting April 2nd! In our ongoing effort to reward and recognize your early and active participation, we're introducing a new, two-part formula to the C3 Points system that dramatically increases the rewards for our most engaged users.

The New C3 Points System: What You Need to Know

At the heart of our community engagement, the C3 Points system is a loyalty program crafted to boost interaction and enhance your experience with our platform.

These points reflect the value we place on our user community, offering access to exclusive benefits and rewards. By actively engaging with the various features of the exchange—be it trading, lending, or staking—you accumulate C3 Points.

Dual Formula Approach to Rewards

Starting from April 2nd, our Points Reward Program adopts a dual formula approach for rewarding C3 Points:

A. Base Formula: The traditional method calculates your points based on your trading volume, lending history, engagement, and other activities. This base formula is the same one we have been using to compute everyone's points each month.

B. 50 million Volume-Based Bonus: Introducing a significant enhancement, 50 million C3 points will now be shared each month, distributed pro-rata among users primarily based on trading volume, among other considerations. This means a much more considerable portion of rewards will be allocated to users based on their market activity.

As a simple illustration, if only 10 users were equally active during a month, each would receive 5 million points in addition to the base formula rewards.

This adjustment aims to magnify the benefits for early adopters of, underlining the advantage of participating sooner rather than later.

What Happens to Unclaimed Points?

Starting our upcoming giveaway, there's a twist with the C3 Points: any unclaimed points roll over. For instance, with about 40% of users not claiming in January, that's an extra 20 million points moving to February. So, instead of just 50 million points, we’re boosting the pool to around 76 million points, thanks to these rollovers. This significant increase means more value for our users in the giveaway.

An Example to Illustrate:

Consider a scenario where, in a given month, there are 100,000 users with identical volume and activity levels. Under the new system, each of these users would earn 500 points, a stark contrast to the 5 million points shared among 10 users in a less crowded space.

This illustrates the exponential value of engaging with early on and continuously!

How Impactful is This?

To provide a clearer picture of what this Points increase means, let's dive into a comparison with previous months' giveaway, particularly February's figures.

In February, a total of 6,775,652 C3 points were distributed among C3 users. With the introduction of this additional 50 million base points rewards formula, had it been in effect during the same month, the total giveaway would have been a staggering 56,775,652 Points. To put that in perspective, that's an 8.4x increase in points per user on average.

Moreover, the addition of 50 million points each month carries another significant implication. It amounts to 0.5% of all C3 points that will ever exist, each month. Considering the finite nature of C3 Points, this means that every month, a significant fraction of the total Points supply is being put directly into the hands of C3 users, empowering them and providing tangible value for their early participation in C3.

Be Part of This Journey

Mark your calendars for April 2nd and start embracing this opportunity to dive deeper into the world of, maximizing the rewards from your engagement. The dual formula approach ensures that the most active and early users are generously rewarded, highlighting the importance of early adoption and consistent participation.

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