C3 is Live on Solana, Rewards Users With 1M $PYTH

C3 is Live on Solana, Rewards Users With 1M $PYTH, the hybrid self-custodial cross-chain exchange, has launched on Solana. In celebration of this milestone, is offering an enticing reward to its users: 1,000,000 $PYTH tokens.

C3 is a next-generation self-custodial exchange, on a mission to transform the cryptocurrency market structure by offering a secure, transparent, and trustless platform for trading.

Designed to realign the crypto industry with its foundational principles of openness and trustlessness, C3 allows users to trade cryptocurrencies on a top-tier platform while maintaining full control over their funds, ensuring immunity to the insolvency risks that have plagued the industry in recent years.

C3 Receives 1M $PYTH Rewards

In a significant move to advance integration and trading precision, C3 has been awarded a grant of 1,000,000 $PYTH tokens.

Through this partnership, the platform demonstrates its commitment to providing a high-quality trading environment, while also offering users the opportunity to contribute to its evolution.

How to Get the $PYTH Rewards

Users can receive $PYTH rewards by reclaiming a percentage of every trade done via C3. The first Tuesday of every month is our points redeeming week - when you can claim your C3 points and $PYTH rewards. You have one week to claim the points. In order to be notified when the next redeeming week is available, be sure to follow us on Twitter and join our Discord server.

This promotion not only incentivizes trading activity on the exchange but also enhances the trading experience by providing additional value back to its users. To benefit from this rewards mechanism, users simply need to engage in trading activities on C3, and the $PYTH tokens will be credited to their accounts based on the eligible trade volumes they generate.

$C3 Points Loyalty Program

C3 recently launched a loyalty program aimed at rewarding users for their engagement and participation on the platform. To receive a 25% boost in points, users are required to stake a minimum of 1,000 $PYTH tokens. This staking must be done exclusively on the staking platform available at

All wallets associated with the account that performs the staking will be eligible for the boost.

These loyalty points will unlock exclusive benefits in the future, specifically designed to reward the platform's early adopters.

The key advantage here is that the earlier you join and participate, the more rewards you will receive.

Your Action Plan -

A. Engage in Trading on C3: Users should actively trade on C3 to qualify for $PYTH rewards, taking advantage of the platform's secure and self-custodial nature.

B. Follow Social Media and Join the Community: To stay informed about the points redeeming week and other important updates, users should follow on Twitter and join our Discord server and Telegram channel.

C. Participate in the $PYTH Rewards Program: Make sure to claim $PYTH rewards during the designated redeeming week, enhancing the value received from trading activities on the platform.

D. Join the C3 Points Loyalty Program: Stake at least 1K $PYTH to receive a 25% points boost, leveraging early participation to maximize rewards from the loyalty program.

These steps will enable users to fully benefit from the features and rewards offered by, while contributing to the platform's growth and success, enjoying early adopters rewards.