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We are thrilled to announce the launch of our testnet, a revolutionary step towards reshaping the future of trading through cutting-edge hybrid technology. As we unveil testnet today, we are excited to share our vision for the future and the transformative impact it holds for trading.

About is a next-generation hybrid exchange built to bring the cryptocurrency industry closer to its original vision of an open and trustless financial system.

Reshaping the Future of Trading

Through, users can trade cryptocurrencies on a world-class platform, knowing that they are in full control of how they keep and secure their funds without having to rely on the exchange.

Key Features of C3 Exchange

Secure: C3 prioritizes security, providing a safe environment for users to trade cryptocurrencies without worrying about potential breaches or hacks.

Transparent: C3 exchange emphasizes transparency, ensuring that users have clear visibility into their transactions and the overall operations of the exchange.

Trustless: C3's trustless model instills confidence in users by removing the need for them to place trust in intermediaries, fostering a more decentralized approach.

Decoupling Custody from Trading: The exchange's approach of separating custody from trading is groundbreaking, addressing insolvency risks while enhancing user control.

Resistant to Insolvency Risks: C3's unique self-custodial model mitigates the insolvency risks that have plagued the cryptocurrency industry, making it a more stable platform.

Freedom of Choice: Users have the freedom to choose their preferred solutions, ensuring the best fit for their trading needs, regardless of their background or experience.

Permissionless: No sign-ups required. Simply connect your wallet and get going.

Exclusive Access for Early Adopters

In our commitment to fostering a vibrant and engaged community, we're excited to grant exclusive access to C3 during its initial launch phase. For the first weeks, access will be granted exclusively to those who have eagerly joined our waitlist. This early access is a token of our appreciation for your enthusiasm and support. After the initial week, we're thrilled to welcome more users to join the testnet experience. This phased approach allows us to ensure a smooth and optimized onboarding process, while gradually expanding our user base to create a dynamic and inclusive environment.

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